Transitional (Six-Month) Programme

The Law School offers a transitional (six-month) course of training for common law professionally trained persons. The course of training runs from the commencement of the academic year of the Law School and ends six months thereafter.

Courses taken are:
(a) Constitutional Law
(b) Law and Legal Systems of the Caribbean
(c) Criminal Practice and Procedure
(d) Law Office Management, Accounting and Technology

The Principal may add to or exempt a student from any of the foregoing subjects having regard to his/her professional qualification and experience.

Students in the transitional (six-month) programme are required to spend a period of attachment at a law office/firm and undertake legal work for not less than the six-month period except when they are required to be in attendance at the Law School. The Senior Tutor will determine the law office/firm to which the student will be attached.

Students will be expected also to avail themselves of opportunities for practical training as court attendance, trial advocacy exercises and any other courses prescribed by the Principal.

On successful completion of the course of study, the student is awarded the Council's Legal Education Certificate (LEC). The Council however wishes to bring to the attention of all persons, especially persons who are not Commonwealth Caribbean nationals that it is their responsibility to satisfy themselves of the admission requirements of any territory in which they intend to practise since the Legal Education Certificate does not by itself entitle them to admission to practice.