Clinical Programme and Specialist Clinics

Legal Aid Clinic


It is recognised that, consonant with the Council’s Mission to facilitate the development of competent legal practitioners, it is necessary to provide the means and opportunity for student attorneys to engage as nearly as possible in actual practice of the profession. To that end the Legal Aid Clinic was conceived.

The Legal Aid Clinic operates for the benefit of financially challenged members of the public with due regard being paid to matters of educational interest and value to the students. It therefore provides legal services for the community and the general public who are of limited means.

Second year students of the Hugh Wooding Law School are required to attend the Clinic as part of the schools’ curriculum. A student’s attendance at the Clinic is an important part of their training and preparation for the practice of law. The students interview clients, draft documents, attend court with their tutor and do all that is necessary on a particular matter with the supervision of a Tutor so as to perfect the skills required to become an Attorney-at-Law.

Please click on the following link to ready the Legal Aid Clinic Brochure which includes information on the Specialist Clinics.

         Legal Aid Clinic Brochure.