International Mooting


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ICMA 2012, from left: Mrs Giselle Yearwood-Welch, Supervising Tutor and students Kerith Kentish and Shermaine Desnoes

Hamel-Smith Moot Competition 2013
Photographs of the Hamel-Smith Appellate Mooting Competition 2013

The Hugh Wooding Team Advances to International Finals
The Hugh Wooding Law School team competed in the regional finals against the University of Pepperdine, California. Judges were split on the final decision, but the Hugh Wooding Law School....

Hugh Wooding Law School Regional Winner – Caribbean & Central America
Hugh Wooding Law School is the Regional Winner – Caribbean & Central America in the Monroe E. Price Media Law Moot Court Competition which was held at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, New York. Stephen Roberts won an award for Outstanding Advocacy....

International Environmental Moot Court Competition - February 2012:
The HWLS team comprised Kyle Prescod, Nikeh Smithen and Mawena Braithwaite. The team did not qualify for the semi-finals of the preliminary rounds. However in two of the three rounds, Kyle Prescod and Nikeh Smithen were identified as outstanding speakers.

Caribbean Law Clinic - November 2011 Team 1/March 2012 Team 2:
Team 1 comprised Tanya Carter, Mansergh Griffith, Stephen Wilson and Samantha Campbell. The Clinic was hosted by Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A. Team 2 comprised Jonathan Bhagan, Ayannah Fleming, J-Lany Williams and Aisha De Four. This Clinic was hosted by the Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica.

International Criminal Law Network (ICLN) Moot Competition - February 2012:
The HWLS team of Johanan La Feuillee-Douglin, Russell Warner, Kevin Webster and Mansergh Griffith competed in the International Criminal Law Network (ICLN) Moot Competition at Pace University in New York. The team has been invited to participate in the final round at The Hague in the Netherlands later this year.

Regional Client Interviewing Competition - February 2012:
Team HWLS comprised Olivia Cadogan, Nickardo Lawson and Luan Harford.

Inaugural Mediation Debate hosted by the Mediation Board of Trinidad and Tobago - November 2011:
Kerith Kentish and Shermain Desnoes from HWLS emerged winners of this competition. Students from this Law School and the University of the West Indies Masters in Mediation Programme participated.

Public Speaking Competition - November 2011:
The HWLS hosted its first Public Speaking Competition for Year 1 students. The competition was keenly contested but in the end, Stephen Roberts emerged victorious. Cathisha Williams placed second and Sian Lange copped the third place.

Caribbean Court of Justice Annual International Law Moot - March 23, 2012:
The HWLS team comprising Safraz Hussain, Michelle Davidson and Leah Thompson will compete against teams from the U.W.I. and other regional Law Schools.

Margaret Forte Inter-Schools Mooting Competition
This competition is being hosted by the Eugene Dupuch Law School in The Bahamas, having lost to Norman Manley Law School at the semi-final round. The HWLS team of Benjamin Drakes, Wesley George and Amanda Riley will compete against the Norman Manley Law School in The Bahamas on March 16, 2012.

World Human Rights Competition, South Africa - December 2010:
The HWLS was invited to participate in the World Human Rights Competition which was held at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Our team comprising Raphael Saul and Duana Peterson achieved the second highest score in the semi-finals with the Norman Manley Law School scoring the highest. However, the rules did not allow two teams from the same region to participate in the final. Accordingly, the team with the third highest score from Sydney, Australia, competed in the finals against the Norman Manley Law School. Our students were nevertheless quite pleased that they had received the second and fourth highest scores as oralists.

The International Environmental Moot Court Competition in Florida - January 2011:
The HWLS team of Tecla Duncan, Rene Butcher and Nadia Gower De Chabert won the North America Atlantic Round of this competition and advanced to the international finals in March 2011. While the team did not win the competition, they were one of the top four final teams from around the world.

Lex Caribbean Regional Client Interviewing Competition - January 2011:
This is a competition among the three Law Schools of the Council of Legal Education. The HWLS was represented by Jacy Archibald, Vonetta Adams and Dexter Todd. They placed second overall.

Commonwealth Moot Competition:
In February 2011 the team comprising Shelly Bend, Dave Marshall and Krystal Richardson represented the HWLS at the Commonwealth Moot Competition in Hyderabad, India. The team performed very well but did not advance as expected. There were many challenges encountered due to inadequate arrangements by the local organisers.

American Caribbean Law Initiative (ACLI) Caribbean Law Clinic - November 2010:
Jerome Rajcoomar, Rajiv Chaitoo, Charmain Delice-Hunte and Nekeisha Bishop represented the Law School at the Clinic at Stetson University College of Law, Tampa, Fl. U.S.A.

ACLI - Caribbean Law Clinic - March 2011:
Lindsay Webb, Shermaine Desnoes and Kyle Prescod represented the Law School at the Clinic at the Cayman Islands Law School in Grand Cayman.
The students at both Clinics were commended for their quality of advocacy and level of preparedness.

Margaret Forte Inter-Law Schools Mooting Competition - March 2011:
Raphael Saul, Keisal Peters and Shelly-Ann Gajadhar rrepresented HWLS in the finals of this competition which was held in The Bahamas. Team HWLS emerged winners against the team from the Norman Manley Law School.

Success in this competition is the most prized of all of the moot competitions for the students since it is the only competition that simulates a trial. It allows the students to showcase their trial advocacy skills such as examination-in-chief, cross-examination, addressing a jury, making objections and the ability to marshal facts.

CCJ Annual International Law Moot - March 2011:
Dave Marshall, Shelly Bend and Krystal Richardson comprised team HWLS. The team performed very well and placed third overall in this competition.

The performance of the teams clearly show that the quality of the Trial Advocacy programme that the Council offers at its Law Schools rank highly with international standards.