Institutional Effectiveness

Office for Quality Assurance, Research and Effectiveness


The Quality Policy

It is the policy of the Council of Legal Education to provide legal education and training that is internationally competitive- producing highly capable and motivated graduates who are equipped to meet the challenges of the legal profession in the 21st century and beyond.

The Hugh Wooding Law School is an institution of the Council of Legal Education and registered by the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Law School agrees to enforce the quality policy of the Council of Legal Education. In this context, HWLS provides quality postgraduate vocational education to its students. It seeks to prepare them as competent advocates, interviewers, advisers, negotiators, writers, managers, draftsmen and researchers within the legal and judicial sectors in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Guyana and the Eastern Caribbean States.

More specifically, the Law School has embraced five management values which enshrine the behaviours adopted by all departments as they manage quality within the institution. Thus, the Law School facilitates:

1) Shared Decision Making
HWLS believes in staff and student participation when making decisions. We encourage feedback through a variety of channels and avenues to provide advice on how we decide on our strategies and actions.

2) Principled Leadership
HWLS believes in doing things the right way. We are committed to good governance by adhering to our corporate policies and procedures.

3) Continuously Improving Quality
HWLS believes in always finding better ways of doing what we do. We ensure that our quality management system is effectively planned, monitored and reviewed by having cycles of audits and reviews of courses and the services we provide.

4) Performance Delivery
HWLS believes in meeting its business goals. We ensure that performance assessments are done at the school, departmental and employee levels for organizational effectiveness.

5) Placing Customers First
HWLS believes that the customer is the main priority in our work. We ensure that the customers’ (who are primarily students) views are given priority by attentively listening to their needs, offering service to them and communicating service feedback.