Institutional Effectiveness


What have we Achieved?

Institutional Research and Planning

• Students’ Assessment of Courses: We have established a termly online and paper-based system for students’ assessment of the quality of courses and teaching in the Legal Education Certificate programme
• Recent Graduate Feedback Survey: We have established an annual survey which provides recent graduates with an opportunity to ‘speak back’ to the School on their recent student experience
• Employers' Satisfaction Survey: We have established a triennial survey which provides employers with an opportunity to give feedback on the effectiveness of graduates and the LEC programme
• Policy Development: We have re-designed our policy and regulation framework to impact on administration, teaching and student services.

Institutional Quality Assurance

• Teaching Quality Audit: We have established a teaching quality audit system which assures quality of delivery of teaching modalities
• Internal (Departmental) Quality Audit: We have established a departmental Quality Audit for all Law Schools to determine corrective actions needed for their operations
• Committee Review: We are in the process of coordinating reviews of Council committees to improve governance

Institutional Quality Enhancement

• Blended Learning Course Improvement Models: We have established course improvement systems for tutors to reflect on their course structures, instructional techniques and course materials so as to improve their delivery within a blended learning environment
• Student Leadership Development: We train leaders in the Students’ Representative Council to manage quality within the student body
• Faculty and Staff Performance Improvement: We have established performance management systems for improving the performance of our faculty and staff. These include constructive peer assessment models that enable faculty to recommend improvements for teaching and courses
• Teaching Effectiveness Conference: We host an annual Inter-Law School Teaching Effectiveness Conference in 2012 to facilitate improvements and benchmarking teaching across all law schools
• Adult Teaching and Learning Strategies: We have developed models for improving the approaches to teaching and learning for adult students who are taught a competency-based curriculum at the law school
• Student I.M.P.A.C.T. Project: We have an annual special initiative/competition under the auspices of the Principal that rewards students for making an impact on the quality of administration, the library, student life, health and safety and teaching and learning
• Service Excellence Framework: We have designed service excellence standards for service staff to engage in Our ‘Customer First’ initiative
• Student Performance Enhancement Project: We have designed a Student Performance Enhancement Project to support underperforming students to attain academic excellence