Institutional Effectiveness


What Do We Do?

The Office for Quality Assurance, Research and Effectiveness is a specialized semi-autonomous office within the Office of the Principal at the Hugh Wooding Law School. It adopts a 5-Point Institutional Effectiveness Model (IEM) to ensure that there is a seamless connection between planning and quality assurance across the institution. The primary purpose of the Office is to provide support to the Law School in the improvement of course, programme and service quality and performance. Secondly, the office facilitates institutional effectiveness across the Norman Manley and Eugene Dupuch Law Schools.

The Office also liaises with other legal education partners namely employers and external agencies such as accreditation authorities, standards bodies and, as required, those agencies responsible for establishing higher education policy and performance measures for the higher education sector nationally, regionally and internationally that may impact upon the effective functioning of the School.

Our Vision
"We envision the Office as the nucleus for change and improvement within Council’s Law Schools"

Our Motto
"Quality Begins With You"

Our Functions

1) Evidence-Based Inquiry
We perform institutional research by means of surveys, assessments and focus groups

2) Critical Analysis for Integrated Planning
We analyse data from institutional research and performance monitors to inform further planning and policy development

3) Development Programming
We design, incubate and establish projects to create sustainable pathways for organizational effectiveness

4) Assurance of Excellence
We undertake periodic audits and support Council’s reviews to report on organizational compliance and improvement. We also prepare public reports by liaising with accreditation authorities and international organizations