Clinical Programme and Specialist Clinics

Environmental Law Clinic


This Specialist Clinic in Environmental Law is designed to introduce the student to the concept of environmental law and sustainability, the legal challenges in attaining that sustainability, and possible means of encouraging or stimulating the adoption of sustainable policies in the public and private sectors.  It does so by focusing on the wide range of contemporary environmental law issues – from climate change, to ecosystem management to land use planning.  The Clinic is delivered in a manner that provides a practical approach to environmental management and is intended to allow the student to think ahead in influencing policy and playing a central role in setting the environmental agenda around the Caribbean region.  Finally, students will have the opportunity to work to develop their skill in producing a written product akin to a law review article or law review note.

This Clinic is coordinated by Ms. Judy Daniel, Attorney-at-Law.


  • Approximately 15 students
  • A commitment to 3-hour weekly sessions for at least 12 weeks;
  • Prompt attendance at all sessions.