Clinical Programme and Specialist Clinics

Corporate Law Clinic


This clinic is intended to prepare participants for one of the most practical applications of civil procedure in the corporate world. Financial institutions would retain the services of attorneys in initiating actions to recover debts secured by a variety of legal instruments: mortgages, promissory notes, bills of sale, credit card facilities, etc.

This Clinic is conducted by experienced attorneys-at-law in both Port of Spain and San Fernando and runs for Two Terms.

The aim of this Clinic is to allow the students to have a better working knowledge of the manner in which an action commences and progresses for the recovery of commercial debts, preparation of commercial contracts, debentures and exposure to the High Court and Court of Appeal commercial matters.


  • Approximately 18 students – 12 in the First Term and 6 in the Second Term;
  • A commitment to 3-hour weekly sessions for at least 12 weeks;
  • Prompt attendance at all sessions.

The Programme:

The Clinic runs over 12 weeks and the participants will meet weekly for 3-hour sessions.  It is designed to introduce the participant to the practical elements of the taxation of bills of costs and recovering legal costs from the defeated party in litigation.  The recovery of the clients’ costs is almost as important as the action itself and will develop the skills of the student to ensure complete client care and service.

The Clinic is recommended for those students interested in mixed practice and principally for those seeking employment in law firms that specialise in corporate banking law or have trade receivables.

At the end of the term the students are assessed  in accordance with established criteria on work done in this Clinic.  Messrs. Harrikissoon & Company in San Fernando and Mr Mark Ramkerrysingh of Fitzwilliams Stone Furness-Smith & Morgan in Port of Spain are the coordinators of these clinics.