Alternative Dispute Resolution Programme

The ADR Programme at the Hugh Wooding Law School, focuses on the development of practical skills, comprising a combined Negotiation and Mediation Training segment, which is taught in an interactive seminar format, to Year 2 students. The law student is exposed to training for the world of mediation, wearing the hat of a third party neutral mediator. As a pre-requisite to mediation, the law student also broaches negotiation strategies and styles. A recently introduced new module, Mediation Advocacy, is also on offer as part of the Year 2 ADR Programme.

This segment is focused on training the law student for his/her role as an advocate with the client, during a mediation, which includes the use of opening statements for the advocate, preparing representation plans and training on how to use the power of the mediator. Both segments are taught under the guidance of Course Director, Mrs. Giselle Yearwood Welch. In the ADR programme, negotiation and mediation exercises are drawn from many contexts, from legal to personal, to business and international, from bi-lateral to multi-lateral. The programme utilises a combination of short concept presentations, small group exercises, role-plays and simulations, video presentations, self-assessments, peer assessments and discussion sessions. Participants have a great opportunity to hone skills through intensive hands-on practise.

The Programme has been lauded by law students as being very enlightening and useful, also applicable to their day-to-day lives. Mediation mooting, also now forms part of the ADR Programme since its introduction in 2012. This continues to spur interest in the law students in the emerging fields of mediation and mediation advocacy, with the school's successful entrance into the 2012 and 2013 International Competition in Mediation Advocacy, held in Toronto, Canada and, in 2014, the ICC's International Commercial Mediation Competition, held in Paris, France.